Tango Experimental is happy to announce that we've been given one of the largest planks under this years "Kulturnatten" (Culture Night) in Halmstad. For a whole 6 hours we'll be dancing tango in the café of the central library, at Axel Olssons gata 1. We'll have different themes on our visuals and music. We'll also have one hours try-out, so invite friends and family to come and try! Read more in the programme:


6 - 6:30 pm
Dance to tango classics

6.30 - 7 pm
Dance to modern versions of tango classics

7 - 8 pm
Try-out Argentinian tango with Jessica and Jonas from Neotango Malmö

8 - 8.10 pm
Performance by Jessica and Jonas from Neotango Malmö

8.10 - 9 pm
Music: Electrotango
Visuals: Urban settings in Halmstad

9 - 9.10 pm
Performance in open-role tango

9.10 - 10 pm
Music: Rainbow Theme
Visuals: Rainbow Theme

10 - 11 pm
Music: Swedish music spiced by Halmstad musicians
Visuals: Halmstad artists

11 - 11.30 pm
Music: Jazz and blues
Visuals: Serene Halmstad nature

11.30 - 12 pm
Music: Tango Experimental goes wild
Visuals: Wild Halmstad nature