Hotel and hostel you book yourself, see tips below.
We also offer B & B, mass lodging and accommodation with a Tango family, as shown below. Email your requests to, and we'll allocate upon availability.

Bed & Breakfast: 25 € or 250 SEK / bed and night. Includes sheets / towel and breakfast. Minimum 2 nights.

Mass Lodging: 10 € or 100 / night, mattress on the floor, you bring your own sheets / sleeping bag and towel. Will include access to kitchen and shower / toilet.

Lodging at tango friends: If you have visited us before we'll do our best to arrange accomodation with tango friends.

Tips on hotels and hostels:
Sweden Hotel Continental
Kungsgatan 5, 302 45 Halmstad
10% deduction via e-mail with the code "tango"
Tel: 035-17 63 00

Halmstad City Hostel - from 350 SEK / night (appr 35 €)
Norra vägen 22
302 32 Halmstad
Tel: 0733-912927