The concept Tango Treat means that someone who can afford it, treats someone who can't afford it to a tango entrance fee.

We know that we have visitors that would like to come more often but are sick, retired or newly arrived refugees, and don't have the financial means. Primarly you're welcome (and needed!) to help out with our activites, and in that way don't have to pay the entrance. But if someone doesn't have the possibility, it shouldn't exclude anyone from tango.

If you want to donate to the Tango Treat, swish at 123 315 95 89 or make a deposit at bank account no 5129-6960. Don't forget to write Tango Treat!

If you want to ask to take part of the Tango Treat, get in touch with Lena Nellehav or Marianne Olovson.
Lena: tel 035 - 18 74 74
Marianne: tel 0736- 70 00 54

No one else but Lena and Marianne will know who you are.