- pushing boundaries -

Tango Experimental in Halmstad mainly arranges neotango, where we dance to modern tango music and alternative music.

As one of few arrengers in Europe, we use so called visuals. In the dark dance hall, video art is projected upon the walls, which creates a sense of dancing straight into the art. The basis for the visuals comes from the work of different local artists and photographers.  These are transformed into video art, sometimes even in 3D. We call these events Tango Imago.

But we also dance a bit of everywhere - in cafés, in clubs, in the streets and on the beach.
The events in Halmstad attract people from all over Sweden.

We have classes in Argentinian tango and arrange workshops with focus on experimental dancing. In those the contact and communication between dancers are most important, as well as increasing the body awareness. We often play with open-role in dancing, which means changing roles regarding follower and leader.


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