Saturday January 28th
Halmstad Castle

Daniel Carlsson is the perhaps most well known tango teacher in Sweden. He has been teaching since 1995 and together with his sister Jessica founded "Tangokompaniet" in Malmö, which is Swedens largest tango school. Daniel is an appreciated pedagogue who is known to help students with hands-on solutions to better their dance communication and technique. He is really passionate about tango and has danced and taught around the world - from several European countries to US, Russia and Japan.

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In Halmstad Daniel will be giving two workshops during the afternoon and opportunities for private lessons before and after.

12:00 Lunch

Included in the price. A nice chance to meet and spend time with eachother before we start working together.

13:00-14:30 Contact and communication

We focus on getting more articulate, more responsive and identify a number of principals that makes the communication in tango easier.

14:30-15:00 Fika break

15:00-16:30 Happy Feet

We focus on technique, balance and body control.

We offer the workshops as a package, which means it's not possible to choose just one. The cost for the afternoon (two workshops, lunch and fika) is 500 sek for members and 650 sek for non-members. Membership in Tango Experimental costs 150 sek for 2017 and gives a discount on all events. (Like the neolonga we're arranging the same night.)

The reason we can give such a good price is that Daniel has offered us a discount at this first occasion. For those who want to take a private lesson the price is also reduced. Usually a lesson at 60 min costs between 700-1000 sek, but we pay 600 sek.

So hurry to book if you want private lessons - there are only four hours available. Private lessons can be taken either individually or as a couple.

Also at the workshops the number of participants are limited, so it's best to be fast also there.

Register to Let us know about food allergies. Previous knowledge: a beginners course in tango and some dance experience.

Daniel with his company will also bring with them some 30 pair of shoes from the Tangokompaniet Shop. So if you want to try out fancy shoes, give us a hint about shoe size and style :)