November 18 - 19

We offer four workshops during two days with neotango teachers Elke Petersen Rusch & Sönke Petersen.

Elke & Sönke are frequent workshop leaders on Neotango Rave in Bremen. (A tango marathon with neotango.) They're very appreciated and skillful. Their dance is soft, smooth and natural, and their movements flow in a very playful way. And they're also very good and entertaining teachers!

This is how Elke & Sönke introduces themselves:

"We like many kinds of good music and feel that tango should not be limited to just a few years of the golden era. Tango is evolving all the time in both music and dance and we want to be part of this. So we just love to experiment with different tango movements:

- Where are the limits?
- How to exceed them?
- What happens, if....?
- Are there different ways to start/exit a situation?

But most of all, we really love to play with the music and with eachother. We are very happy about your invitation and hope to spend a wonderful, interesting, exhausting weekend with you!"


1 - 2 pm "Organic Boleos - don't shake'n'break your partner!"

We want to show you how to lead/offer organic boleos without using brute force. These boleos are very nice for your partner and look sooooo elegant. The free leg up in the air just wants to be played with! And there are different ways to exit.

Open level: Suitable for all tangueros. We start with easy elements and continue with more difficult variations. You should have taken part of at least a beginners class and know ochos and moulinetes, otherwise you will have difficulties.

2:15 - 3:15 pm "Volcadas, playful incline"

We show how to be safe and stable in the out-of-axis position and for the leader how to control the movement and how to play with it. The follower can play with the free leg - Elke just loves this!

Advanced level: You're an experienced tanguero and know the topic. We will work on "refinements" (combinations, elegance, variations).

3:30 - 4:30 pm "Totally Twisted"

Overturned, dissociated movements that result in back sackadas, ganchos and boleos. Combinations included. A lot of fun for experienced dancers.

Advanced level: You're an experienced tanguero and know the topic. We will work on "refinements" (combinations, elegance, variations).


12:30 - 2 pm Leader and follower technique.
Two groups.

Open level: Suitable for all tangueros. You should have taken part of at least a beginners course.

All workshops are held in English.

Water and fruit is served in the pauses.

Dress comfortably and bring good dancing shoes/sneakers.

Registration and payment in advance is required. See "registration" on our front page.

Prices for the workshops:
1-2 workshops, 200 sek each, 150 sek for members.
3 workshops, 500 sek, 400 for members.
4 workshops, 600 sek, 500 for members.

When taking part of a workshop, you'll also have a discount on Tango Imago on Saturday night.

There is tango treat money available! And if you want to donate, so more people can join, please do. Read about how our tango treat works here:

NB! Change of facilities! Because of a water leak in the dance hall of the university, the workshops will be held at Halmstad Theater. Entrance from Fredsgatan.

If you travel from afar, Hotel Continental gives our dancers a 10% discount for accomodation. Hotel Continental on Kungsgatan 5, is on a five minutes walk from both the central station and Halmstad Theatre.
Among others, the hotel has a relax&spa. Book directly either through e-mail: or by phone: 035- 17 63 00. Give the discount code "tango".

We also have some dancers in town who gladly open their homes for overnight guests. If you don't have a contact with someone in Halmstad but want to sleep on a couch, send an e-mail to

Warmly welcome!