Saturday February 17 2018 
7 - 12 pm
Kafé Strandgatan Tjugo

(with open dining!)
We have the great pleasure of welcoming one of the most famous couples of the tango world to Halmstad! The weekend February 16-18, Eric Dinzel and Flavia Kohut is visiting MKTango in Söndrum to give workshops. Saturday February 17, MKTango and Tango Experimental together invites to a milonga where Eric and Flavia will perform. Don't miss it!
Eric is a professional tango dancer, choreographer and pedagogue. He's leading the Dinzel Studio in Buenos Aires and is since nine years back teaching at CETBA, the tango university in Buenos Aires. Eric has also taught at the Tango World Festival in 2011 and 2013. This is his fourth tour in Europe together with Flavia Kohut.
Flavia is educated in classic dance, and has also knowledge within modern dance and jazz dance. Her tango career began when she participated in Rodolfo and Eric Dinzels improvisation seminar in 2012. Today she's co-working with Eric both in teaching and as his dance partner.
Here you can watch them dance together in Malmö during the tours in 2016 and 2017:
Hours for the night:
7 - 10:30 pm:  Mixed music (with emphasis on traditional music in the beginning of the night).
10:30 pm:  Performance by Eric & Flavia
Appr 10:50 - 12 pm:  Alternative music only
Entrance fee: 150 sek
Members in Tango Experimental: 130 sek
(Don't forget to renew your membership for 2018 in case you haven't.)
N.B! To the nights honour, the dining at Kafé Strandgatan Tjugo is open. Apart from sandwiches there will also be lighter dishes served. 
For information on the workshops during the weekend, see: or MKTango at Facebook.