Tango Imago
January 20
March 17
April 21
7 - 12 pm

To many peoples joy we again have the opportunity to dance at Kafé Strandgatan Tjugo once a month. (This thanks to the new owner being generous with the cost.) So now we hang up the curtains and prepare for no less than five hours dancing! It will of course not be as grandeous as at the Theatre, but enough to give the tango an extra magical dimension!
7 - 8.30 pm  Traditional tango music with no visuals
8.30 - 12 pm Neotango and alternative musik to visuals. Visual Artist: Emil Karlsson.
Entrance: 100 sek
Members: 80 sek

(Membership for 2018 costs 150 sek and gives a discount on all classes and events.)
The café will be open and among others serve vegetarian soup.
Warmly welcome!