Tango Experimental celebrates 2 years as an organisation with:

Masquerade with ocean theme and potluck
Saturday June 9th 
6 - 11 pm
Strandgården in Vilshärad

We celebrate the organisations second birthday with an ocean theme! So come in full costume, or with an accessory reminding of the sea! (Not mandatory, though.) 
Like last year, we meet at Strandgården in Vilshärad. Plastic soles works a bit better than mocca there.
We'll start the evening with a potluck - where everyone contributes with something to the joint table. We'll meet and start dishing up at 6 pm.
At about 7.30 pm we start dancing. DJ for the night is Christer Holmberg. The first hour we'll play traditional tango music, the rest of the night neotango and alternative music. Of course there'll be an oceans theme also in the music!
The party is open for everyone, even if you're not a member. If you want to become a member in Tango Experimental, the fee for 2018 is 150 sek, and gives a discount at all courses and events.
Entrance fee: 100 sek
Members: 80 sek
Bus 10 goes from town to Vilshärad. If you visit us from out of town and need a place to spend the night, contact us at: tangoexperimental@gmail.com