Halmstad Castle
Saturday Jan 28
9pm - 1am

N.B! We upgraded the event to Tango Imago and will be projecting visuals during the night. The theme is art and poetry by our own dancers: Ulla Werkström, Anna Lovisa Gabrielsson, Carin Munther, Lisbeth Fransson och Lotta Jansson.

We'll be playing mixed music evenly during the night, a third traditional, a third neotango and a third alternative.

DJ: Daniel Carlsson from Tangokompaniet
VJ: Emil Karlsson

Entrance fee: 120 sek
Members: 100 sek
Membership fee in Tango Experimental is 150 sek for 2017 and gives a discount on all event.

Snacks and beverages will be served.

N.B! The facilities don't hold very many people, so if you want to be sure to get a spot, register in advance to Lena, or at e-mail: tangoexperimental@gmail.com

For long distance visitors we're usually able to offer a bed, couch or mattress somewhere - get in touch with us!

Is it your first time to visit us? Then the entrance is free!