Annual meeting 

Tango Experimental
Thursday March 15th 7 pm
The café in Kulturhuset, Folkparken 
Furuvägen 41 in Halmstad

Time for the annual meeting with the association Tango Experimental!

It would be great to hear what the members of the association think we should do in the future. We encourage you to write down your proposals of ideas and priorities. Send them to

If you want to take part of the agenda, the nomination of a new board and the report of activites for 2017 in advance, also send us an e-mail.

N.B! To be able to vote at the meeting, you must have paid the members fee for 2018. You can do it either by Swish on number 123 315 95 89, or to bankgiro 5129-6960. The fee is 150 sek. (Don't forget to state your name.)

The association serves fika. 

Warmly welcome! 

Members meeting
with dance and potluck
Saturday October 7
5 pm (potluck from around 7pm)
Galleri Steningesmycket

Time for a members meeting in the organisation! We will have it in Ullas home and gallery in Steninge. If you're a member, come and give your suggestions to the board! How would you like to see the tango in Halmstad? Or are you just curious about what's going on?

But above all we meet to plan for Tango Imago at Halmstad Theatre on November 18th. To organize the event, we need help from several hands. So if you want to participate, come to the meeting! You'll find the agenda further down.

At around 7pm we count on being finished, and go over to a potluck and dancing. Of course you're welcome to the dance alone if you don't want to be at the meeting. (Even if you're not a member!)

It's good if you let Ulla know that you're coming, and what you want to bring to the table. (Or ask what's needed.) Together we'll then enjoy the food, the dance and eachothers company.

We also have a music potluck - bring your favourite music if you like! Apart from that, we'll be playing mixed music.

Volountary dance coin to Ulla who opens up her home, and will have to clean up after us. Ullas gallery is also as usually open.

The address is: Beckasinvägen 11 in Steninge.
Ullas phone number is: 0707- 55 53 81



Agenda members meeting
Tango Experimental
Saturday October 7th 2017

1) The meeting is opened.
2) A secretary is elected.
3) An adjuster who signs the protocol is elected.
4) The board informs on the plans of workshop and Tango Imago on Saturday October 18th. Come with your questions or proposals.
5) Distribution of tasks for the 18th and 19th of November.
                      - Fix water and fruits for the workshops
                      - Buy snacks and such for Tango Imago
                      - Hosts for the evening who supplies with water, etc
                      - Sit in the entrance
                      - Put the place in order
                      - Stay and clean after Tango Imago
                      - Be a host on the workshops on the Sunday
6) We need a new place to store the dancing carpet so we can dance outside next summer if the weather is better!  The carpet is rolled up, and 4 metres long. We also need a place to store our masonite boards if we shall be able to dance at for instance Rotundan again. We have 8 boards measuring 2,4 x 1,2 metres.
7) Information on vacancies in the board for next year.
8) Other questions.
9) Meeting is ended.


Sunday March 19
The café in Kulturhuset, Furuvägen 41,

For members:

Annual meeting 1.30 pm
If you haven't payed the members fee for 2017 yet, it's important that you do that if you want to be able to vote at the meeting! You can pay at arrival. Membership for 2017 is 150 sek. Bring the exact sum, or swish at 123 315 95 89.

For everyone:
Dance from around 2.30 pm. We help removing the tables, putting on coffe and together we bring fika to the table.

The music will be mixed, about 50% tradtional tango and 50% neo/alternative tango.

Entrance fee: 70 sek
Members: 50 sek