The café in Kulturhuset
Folkparken, Furuvägen 21, Halmstad

6.30 - 9 pm

September 14
September 28
October 12
October 26
November 9
November 23
December 7
December 21

Welcome to come and practise your tango! At the practicas beginners who want to take their first steps meet, as well as dancers with many years of habit. Apart from the dance, we also enjoy eachothers company over a fika. But note! This fall we all bring our own thermoses with coffee/tea and pastry with us (or some more if you also want to treat others). We also think of the environment and bring our own cups.

The first hour we'll play only tradtional tango music, the rest of the night electro tango and alternative music.

Let us know if you want to contribute with music to the practica! You can choose how long time you want to share your favourites - from half an hour to the whole night :)

Entrance fee: 50 sek
Members: 30 sek