February 5th
March 4th
April 1st

8pm - 12pm
Tango Imago at Kafé Strandgatan Tjugo in Halmstad

We play mixed music - classical tango, neotango and world music, and dance to projected images. VJ is Emil Karlsson.
The café is open until 9pm and offers among other things soup and pie.
Entrance fee: 80 SEK

February 6th

N.B! Sat March 5th and April 2nd are cancelled!

11am - 1pm
Workshop in contact tango in the drama hall in Kulturhuset, Folkets Park, Furuvägen 41 in Halmstad. Leader is Gilles Lanthier.
Fee: 150 SEK. NB! Registration is required in advance.

What is contact tango? As opposed to contact improvisation, which we earlier offered workshops in, contact tango takes place upright. Focus is on the contact and communication between leader and follower. The tango is the focus, the path playful.

2pm - 6pm
Tango café in the café of Kulturhuset. We play mixed music. Coffee and tea is served. We all join in a pot lock to contribute to treats/fika with it.
Entrance fee: 50 SEK

Naturally, you can choose to participate in just one of the events. If you want to be part of the whole Saturday, there's a hot dog stand and a pizza place closeby.

April 17th

2 - 5 pm
Welcome to a tango café at Kulturhuset! There will be a fika potluck - we'll have coffee and tea ready, and the guests bring edible things to the table.

As usual we'll be dancing to mixed music - classical tango, nuevo, modern music and world music. We'll mainly play classical music in the beginning, and mainly modern in the end. Aaaaand there might just be a musical surprise!

Entrance fee: 50:-

If you travel far and want to participate in any of our events, we have beds to offer among tango friends in Halmstad. Don't hesitate to contact us!

Very welcome, wishes the Tango Experimental crew!