Upcoming events

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Past events

Tangocafé at Rotundan

Thursday June 16th 5 - 8 pm
Kafé Rotundan in Norre Katts Park

Time for this summers occasion to dance outdoors at the beautiful Kafé Rotundan in Norre Katts Park.

As usual we'll be playing mixed music, this time with a summer theme :)

Entrance fee: 70 SEK, or 50 SEK for members.
Membership for 2016: 100 SEK including entrance fee at this occasion.

N.B! It will be raining during the afternoon. In case of small amounts the café will put up sheets that we can dance and have coffee under, but we can't use our floor in moist. So there will be dancing in miniature: on the stage under roof there's place for about 5 couples, and it's also possible to dance between the tables on the gravel with ordinary shoes. Unless it's pouring down... (If unsure, call Cecilia at 0703- 97 96 95.)  


Street Tango

Saturday June 11th 2pm - 5pm
Norre Torg

On Saturday, we'll inaugurate our new dancing carpet under the shadow of the lime tree at Norre Torg. As usual we'll be dancing to mixed music. There's benches at the setting if you want to bring coffee or tea.

In case of bad weather we'll be dancing att the restaurant Glada Grisen instead, at Stenvinkelsgatan 3.

Entrance fee: 50:- for members
70:- for non-members
Membership for 2016: 100:-, including entrance at this occasion.


Beach tango with "birthday party"

Friday June 4th 5 pm

We'll celebrate the birth of the association Tango Experimental and also the nice weather with a barbecue and beach tango in Tylösand!

We'll meet at the barbecue spot above Restaurant Salt at 5pm and have a barbecue and potlock.
Then we'll go over to the beach and dance until everyone is tango satisfied and in bliss.

Entrance fee is 100:- if you want to become a member and have reduced entrance to the events for the rest of the year. Otherwise it's 50:-

There will be a collection for the birthday child, who has wished for a portable dancing carpet. All contributions are very welcome.

As usually we'll dance to mixed music. Make a wish :)

If the weather is bad, the plans will change, so keep an eye on this event.


Tango café at the Art Museum
with dancing exhibition

Wednesday May 18th at 4.30 - 7.30 pm
Hallands Konstmuseum, Tollsgatan, Halmstad

We'll dance one more time in the café of the Art Museum, but this time we'll also be pimping the dance by putting it on the same day that the local Sound&Photo school has it's exhibition "The whole world is dancing". Two of the students who participate in the exhibition have been photographing during our events, some from "The whole library dances tango" and some from the last Tango Imago of the spring. The exhibition takes place between 5 -7 pm, so we'll take a break in the dancing and go watch it.

As usual we'll be dancing to mixed music with mainly classical tango to start with, and later on neo tango and other music.

The entrance to the museum and exhibition is free.
Entrance to the tango café is 50 sek and can be payed to Cecilia or Lena.


Tango café at the Art Museum

Wednesday May 4th at 4.30 - 7.30 pm
Hallands Konstmuseum, Tollsgatan, Halmstad

Time to spread some tango art at the art museum!
We'll meet in the café of the museum and dance, as usual to mixed music.
Entrance fee: 50 sek