Here we'll post information about spontaneous events this summer!
Keep an eye out!

Tuesday Aug 1
6 pm

Welcome to beach tango! We'll meet and dance in the sand just by the sea. Bring some picnic food or a disposable grill if you want a barbecue :)

We'll play mixed music. About 1/3 traditional tango, 1/3 neotango and 1/3 nontango.

From Tylöhus you'll find the spot by taking left as you reach the beach.

From Tyluddens parking lot you'll find the spot by taking right as you reach the water.

N.B!! In case it's very windy, we'll meet at Gröningens dance floor like last time. From Tyluddens parking lot, ener the place of the cabins where the play ground is. (Look for our flag.) When you've passed the play ground, take left.

In case of really bad weather, the event is cancelled, so keep an eye out!

Entrance fee: voluntary contribution


Tango and barbecue night
Gröningen at Tyludden
Thursday July 20th 6 pm

N.B! In case of very bad weather, the event is cancelled - keep an eye out!

Welcome to a tango and barbecue night at Gröningen at Tyludden in Tylösand.

Charcoal will be provided - bring food :)

Direcitons: Drive along Tjuvahålsvägen towards Tyludden, pass St Olofs Chapel. At the end, there are gravelled parking lots on the left side. From the upper lot, a play ground is visible to the left. Walk through it, and you'll have Gröningen at your left side, with a remnant maypole :)

Free entrance. Welcome!

Casual Tango
Thursday July 6th

Ulla invites to a spontaneous tango in the evening sun on her porch! The address is Beckasinvägen 11 in Steninge.

We'll spend time in the nice weather, arrange a potlock and enjoy life in general.

From 6 pm, until we're tired. You're welcome to spend the night at Ulla's, but bring sheets or a sleeping bag.

Also bring your favourite food and favourite music :)

Ullas phone number is  0707- 55 53 81.