At Kajskjulet during Tall Ships Races
Saturday July 1
6 - 12 pm

Under Tall Ships Races we'll open the doors for Tango Imago at Kajskjulet, in the port. Tango Imago means we project visuals (moving video art) upon the walls in a dark hall. Welcome into a magic dance world!

The theme for the night is: "Halmstad - city in the world". The visuals will among others take you on a tour around Halmstad. They're based on works by:

Hampus Carlsson
Lisbeth Fransson
Anna Froio
Anna Lovisa Gabrielsson
Therese Granqvist
Lotta Jansson
Patrik Leonardsson
Magnus Lundqvist
Carin Munther
Britt Störzner
Maria Thidholm
Tony Torro
Ulla Werkström
Visual artist and VJ is Emil Karlsson.

The music will be mixed throughout the night, with emphasis on traditional tango in the beginning of the night, and then more electronic tango music and alternative music later on. Of course we'll be dancing to various Halmstad artists!

6 pm - 6.30 pm: FREE TRY OUT
Take the opportunity to bring along friends and family who are curious!

6.30 pm - 12 pm: TANGO IMAGO
Entrance: free

Kajskjulet will be serving food and beverages during the night. Read more at: http://kajskjulet.hemsida24.se/

Tango began as the dance of the immigrants. It evolved in the docklands of Buenos Aires and was spread over the sea throughout the world. So it's extra fun to have tango at the quayside!


In co-operation with Halmstad kommun and Kajskjulet.