Halmstad Teater (Festsalen)
Fredsgatan 5
Saturday November 18th
7 pm - 1 am

VJ: Malik Tanguerilla

DJ lineup:
7 - 9 pm: Cecilia Carlson, Halmstad
9 -11 pm: Malik Tanguerilla, Bremen
11 pm - 1 am: Danusia Slabinska, Warszaw

Finally Tango Imago! VJ (Video Jockey) is Volker Marschhausen, with the artist name Malik Tanguerilla. We also offer four workshops during two days, with the neotango teachers Elke Petersen Rusch and Sönke Petersen. You find more information on that under the tab "Classes & workshops".

Volker is known for arranging Neotango Rave in Bremen (a tango marathon with neotango and visuals). The event is very popular and the 300 tickets sell out within a few hours after release. He's now guesting us at Halmstad Theatre, sets up his technics and gives us his moving video art for a whole 6 hours. It will be a very special experience. If you haven't danced to visuals before, this is your opportunity!

Entrance fee:
150 sek.
Members of Tango Experimental
or participants in a workshop:
100 sek.

(Members fee in Tango Experimental for 2017 is 150 sek.)

There is tango treat money available! And if you want to donate, so more people can join, please do. Read about how our tango treat works here: http://www.tangoexperimental.com/sv-SE/bjudtango/tango-treat-34347944

The first time you visit us, entrance is free.

If you travel from afar, Hotel Continental gives our dancers a 10% discount for accomodation. Hotel Continental on Kungsgatan 5, is on a five minutes walk from both the central station and Halmstad Theatre: http://www.continental-halmstad.se/Default.aspx?AreaID=3
Among others, the hotel has a relax & spa. Book directly either through e-mail: info@continental-halmstad.se or by phone: 035- 17 63 00. Give the discount code "tango".

We also have some dancers in town who gladly open their homes for overnight guests. If you don't have a contact with someone in Halmstad but want to sleep on a couch, send an e-mail to tangoexperimental@gmail.com

Warmly welcome!

Arranged by Tango Experimental in co-operation with Halmstad Kommun.